Thursday, June 30, 2005


Someone I know had me so upset the other day... I have done nothing... I didn't call the band I want an audition with... I didn't call my ex band members to pick up my stuff... I left work early today... I think I have enough people in my life telling me that I am a piece a shit... I don't think I want to add one for fun... It's funny to me when a person says that they love you in one breath and then tells you, constantly, that you are no good... I think I want a relationship with someone that understands and likes me for who I am... The ordasidy of some people to constantly and consistently judge me without ever looking twice at themselves is unparalleled to anything... I see the flaws in myself and there is many, but I have no time for people that just want to make me feel bad about myself... Maybe I'll end up alone but it's better then being demeaned for the rest of my life and being told its my own fault... If I was a woman that would be abuse


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