Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Got an email

Got an email from my guitarist today... went like this "hey, well we're shutting things down here, no more band. BOB (name changed)can't really make it anymore, he's really busy, i'm super busy with two jobs, and this thing just ain't workin out. It's nobody's fault, nobody sucks, its just what it is. plus we're all focusing on other aspects of life and work, at least BOB (name changed) and i are. I'm gonna be selling a bunch of shit too if you know anyone who's interested, my line^ amp, my bass, one of my guitars, a keyboard and other shit. i think NEIL (name changed)is selling his drums too. anyway, i'll get your PA stuff all ready to go, just gimme a call peace" .... I have to laugh... I was ready to quit last Tuesday... they cancelled Friday, if you notice he is only selling the shit he doesn't use... but whatever... I am not upset nor angry... I wasn't having any fun and when you are not having fun you should QUIT...


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