Thursday, June 23, 2005

Heavy Metal

I had band practice last Tuesday night.... I kind of laid it on the line with the guys, told them it wasn't working out, and they kind of agreed... so I think instead of having me quit... we all decided to work on originals... because that is what I always do and want to do... trying to do cover tunes that I don't like or have never heard doesn't make any sense does it?... I remember when we first got back together (yes BACK together... That's a longer story) I specifically told them... "I have never really done cover tunes... but I will do any ones you want if you record the music for me... and let me practice on my own..."they agreed actually I'll quote "that should be no problem" yet it never happened... its not like its a big deal... we play plugged into a studio anyway... its a matter of hitting record and keeping it.... so I am at a loss why this simple luxury would be denied me... Especially after the contrary was already promised... I'm kinda getting off the point though... the point is that I have been missing the last few Tuesdays.. do to reasonable personal situations, and the bassist has been missing the last few Fridays... now I'm not complaining but I voiced my concerns on Tuesday how we are not getting anything done and that I was unhappy and next thing I know I get an email canceling Friday... Mind you it seems like a legitimate reason but I dunno I hope things get better... I'm getting old and tired.... I may be running out of words do you believe that me running out of words...


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