Friday, June 24, 2005

I know I said

I know I said that I was going to elaborate a little more on the last post... This however is not it... Although I think it does pertain to it...
A little while ago am employee came to me and was worried about an injury to his finger that may be getting infected... I agreed and said lets go see the safety manager... We preceded to go and show him the finger... He agreed there was a problem and even against my very strong wishes (because we had work to do and the employee wanted to wait to see if it got better over the weekend) decided to send him to the doctor right now... No prob ... Even though the fucking guy had to repeat it over and over again, it was still no prob.... Now this fucking guy comes outta the office and tells me that the employee has to drive his self to the clinic... Now I am very irritated... But yet I calmly state... That that was against the rules... I barely finished and I get interrupted and he says well that's... Janes rule (name changed) and I said right... And he said that he didn't care what Jane said and he was changing the rule... blah blah blah, anyway it escalated from there... So I just sent the guy to the clinic, again no prob.... Anyway the guy goes up to the office and asks for directions and he starts hollering at him too... UNBELIEVABLE... Whatever!!!! I am going to leave it alone from here, as long as he does... If he doesn't, I think that I am right and I will stick to my guns on this one....


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