Friday, June 24, 2005

Michael say it aint so

I know I am late on talking about this or maybe not (you pick) but I did watch the trial faithfully... No not because I am an avid Michael Jackson fan or anything (of course I was I won't lie... I'm 28 I was just a boy when he was the (or a) man and I was a fan) but because I was curious... And okay maybe a small piece of me is still that little boy in Germany (I AM AN AMERICAN) when everything seemed so much simpler... But the legal system feeds my thirst for knowledge at the moment and has for quite sometime... Probably because of all my run ins through-out my life with the legal system... Now I don't know about you but if you watched it.... On court TV (great coverage... Nancy Grace is so hot) I believe that just about every American that takes the legal system... At least somewhat seriously ('cause that's all you'll get outta me "somewhat") would have come up with the same conclusion... Why.. You ask? You shouldn't ... Four little words... "Beyond a reasonable doubt" that's a lot to contend with and I love it when it works... And it did... NOW that does not mean I condone what he was accused (AND ACQUITTED) of I do not.... And if he did it I hope he burns in hell... Or what ever it is he believes in.... But the evidence was not there.... And that brings me to my point.... If he is innocent... Which HE IS... There was a lot of weird personal shit that came out through out this trial... fucked up books... Stories of showers with boys... You name it the infamous "JESUS JUICE" whatever... Pictures of his PENIS on file at the local D.A. office... And they refuse to give them back... Think about this Americans IT doesn't matter what you think of Mr. Jackson... It is larger then that (not his Penis, I dunno about that)... I wish you people that have nothing better to do then complain about what other people are doing and make new laws and attack people like Jackson... Or let his rights be violated even after he his found innocent would some day step back and look at the complete picture.... If you give them the right to do this to someone because you THINK they are guilty they can do it you... Or anyone else simply because they think they are guilty.... Trust me I know that there is corruption through out the whole legal process... No one knows that more than me... All the way up and down the line... From the arrest to the trial and beyond... But I still whole heartily believe that the American justice system is still pure... When those 12 jurors close that door behind them... And it's just them with the law and there morals...They get it right and they did in this case... but the State still accomplished their objective... Destroy Michael Jackson... Now if that ain't why those four white guys left England, I don't know what would be


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