Friday, June 24, 2005

Pregnancy = license to be obnoxious

Is pregnancy a license to be obnoxious? I mean granted if your wife or significant other is pregnant you have to put up with or endure a little more than usual... But what if it is your friend or brothers wife... Do you have to tolerate abnormal behavior?... I get home from work... I have a real job... I work... And I use my head... This isn't sit behind a desk all day come home and complain that you had a rough day at work time.... So I get home... Finally after a long hot day.... And you see I got into an argument with someone at work today... I finally get a chance to sit in my lazy chair and watch a lil TV (Court TV actually) and just as my eyes are closing the phone rings... My brothers pregnant wife (who is usually very cool) Hello.... Is your mother there... No she's not here... Where is she on her way home from work or getting her nails done or... She's not here... FINE BYE... Click.... WHAT THE FUCK... I have one place that no one anywhere can treat me like a dick... That is the bedroom in the home in which I reside I mean is anything sacred anymore... I called back... Told her never to do that again... And hung up... She called back.. Tried to recap what happened.. Like explain how it was my fault she acted like an ass (I hate that)... I said I am done with this conversation and hung up... I don't think that I was outta line... But I know that she will complain to my whole family and it will be my fault...


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