Monday, July 11, 2005

Dennis Miller

I just left the Dennis Miller website what a mess... The message board gets clogged with retards... That's the biggest fear... There is even a guy... Loser... In there trying to plug his book, he left his real name, tried writing to Dennis himself (ha ha ha ha ) and begged for a spot on his TV show to plug his book... No parameters... To top it off... And this is the kicker... Well not yet... But first off on the layers to top it off... He got no response (except ridicule from the regs) so he typed or pasted pages of his book in the message board (someone responded that he may sell one or two if he didn't paste the whole thing there, quite humorous) and the real topper offer... IT WAS A COMPLETE RIPOFF of DENNIS MILLER HA HA HA AH ... Yeah hang in there Chucky you are on your way...


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