Thursday, July 07, 2005

Different seasons

I was recently getting more more bitter about not hearing from any of my friends for such a long time, probably unjust anyway but nevertheless I caught myself thinking that I had done a lot for everyone and always had and now that I have almost selfdestructed everyone has abandoned me an headed for the hills... I thought of the wrongs that were done to me over the years that I never even addressed never mind held a grudge... Things that were done to me in clear thought with no foreign chemicals leading them amiss... It was turning up the heat in my mind saying screw everyone and people suck... Obviously I don't understand them and they don't understand me... People are not what I thought and forget it... Who do I trust me that's who... When low and behold... A very dear friend, that I wronged, who has never wronged me, stopped by.... We had a nice long conversation... About "THINGS" and nothing... He ended the conversation by telling me he loved me and that the force was with me... I told him to drive safe... He told me he was eternal... I told him I used to be too


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