Monday, July 04, 2005

Independence Day

Ahh the fourth of July.... Time to celebrate the Freedom that our Fathers and Grandfathers and now Brothers have died protecting and providing... Should be a day of remembering, celebrating, and partying up due too the summer weather and the occasion... But why does it seam like you have more laws today than most other days of the year? (excluding the other holidays) more traffic stops, more DUI checks (don't get me started) more seatbelt checks (really don't get me started there), more checks all around... Is it to keep people safe? Or is to keep people in line? There is a very fine line between the two and I am an admirer of the USA and what it stands for, but I am disappointed in the distance we are not keeping from that line, I do however believe we got this close to the line (at least for the most part) with good intentions... But this is not , at least in my mind, what are four fathers had in mind... Again I implore you if what someone is doing is bothering you... Leave... Do not start a crusade to make a new law... Think of the consequences... Such as fireworks being ILLEGAL on the fourth of July...


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