Tuesday, July 12, 2005


Almost a year ago to the day I acted a fool, I insulted tormented and verbally abused someone who didn't deserve it ... I made insults and comment's about someone and their loved ones that were disgusting and obnoxious... The worst part about it was this person was showing me the way to my dreams whether or not they realized it... I have never forgot the simple lessons they taught... I am at a crossroads ... I have acted such a way numerous other times in my life but never has someone been so adamant as to not accept my repeated apology... Not that the people in my past ever should have but they did, however this person simply... Clearly refuses... The refusal has taught me more than any acceptance of an apology ever could have and believe it or not I Thank you for it... Since I believe that the lesson that was taught HAS been learned :this is another plea for forgiveness... "I fucked up ... I should not have acted like a psychotic child... It's my fault and ONLY my fault... I apologize to you, to your father and anyone else that my unthought obnoxious words offended..." Whether or not you want to acknowledge that you read this is, of course, up to you... But I hold no ill will toward you (or at least very little, you are human) go in peace... Good luck and I'll chase my dream without you, always Remembering the lessons that were taught, the direct, and the indirect ones.
On second thought UP YOURS DICK HA HA HA HAH A


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