Monday, November 14, 2005

I used too

I used too have so many friends... or so I thought... I used too have so much potential or so I thought... I can't believe some things that I am called selfish for... there is a band out there... that is about to be signed by Atlantic records... yeah you guessed it a composite of my old one, unreal... not that I think they deserve it or not... I won't comment on that except to say "mother fucker you will never be me" no matter how hard he tries.... what I will say... is for three of those members A. would never have the balls to be in a band B. never have made it as far as they did C. Never even fucking knew each other.... if it wasn't for... you guessed it... ME... I went to see one of them earlier this week, to talk about other things, and mind you, plus don't get me wrong... I loved this guy (in a total hetero way you sick fuck) I built the original band around my love for him and his brother and theirs for me, and gave them the confidence to do it... as they did for me... yet he mentioned all the good things that are happening to him with it, and I believe they will get signed and make it big... because that’s the story if my life... and I got no thank you, I got no sorry... I got nothing except "check me out"... man did me and this person become good friends back then... and mind we all know I am know saint, but at the very least I deserve a thank you... if not acknowledgement that "the clone wanna be" is stealing my act... if not my lyrics... WHEN I LOOK IN THE MIRROR I ACCEPT WHAT I SEE 'CAUSE AS LONG AS I LOOK I KNOW IT’S STILL ME...


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