Tuesday, November 15, 2005

More Apologies?

First I want to say... This is a blog... A online diary... And it is anonymous for the most part... If you know who I am its because I told you, and therefore supposed to be a friend... However as hard as it is to understand me I don't understand why people that call you their friends INTENTIONALLY try to hurt you.... But whatever. So I got a call about my last post that some old friends read it and it offended them, I don't know how because it had nothing to do with them... However, lemme clarify one thing.... These posts are how I feel in at the moment and those of you who know me... Know that changes in seconds, I don''t deserve a thank you, like I said in the last post, it would have been nice to hear as it was nice too see him, and I know I know I owe him thanks and I have given it, long time ago... I addressed him in no bad way unless you read it wrong, however the person I addressed as a clone of me, FUCK EM... And you can take that to the bank, his family has caused nothing but hardship to mine so whatever... If you want to hate me... Then hate me, I've grown accustomed to it... But do it for the legitimate reasons god knows there is plenty of them


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