Tuesday, November 15, 2005

So times up

Had court today... It was such a good feeling (not) getting that call today telling me people are angry or angrier at me for something I wrote here... Especially after the news I got in court... So that's it my lawyer is a dumb fuck... I don't know why I've been going through this for three fucking years since the same bargain is on the table and now my high priced stupid two faced lawyer is changing his fucking story about what he said and what he can do and if we can win the trial... We can't which is not what he said in the first place... Oh well off to jail 120 days, losing my license for 2 years unless I don't take the bargain and try to go to trial... But the end result will be 1 year and loss my license forever... I knew this in the first place my faggot lawyer told me NO, but now he's saying he never said that and blah blah blah so what... fuck it fuck them and so on.


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