Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Still tryin''

Well I believe I have written the words and melody to two of the songs to the band I am getting ready to start with... This is always the weird time, because you are unsure if they are going to like them and let you join the band, when you have already decided you want to join... Otherwise you wouldn't go through the trouble of working your ass off on this stuff... The melody is pretty cool if I do say so myself, they just seem a bit "rhymie"... Of course I have written stuff in the past and went "yeah.. That is a kick ass mother fu**ing song"... This time I have not... The first song he gave me... I had a bitch of a time with the melody, I finally believe I got it.. But have yet to record it and ask opinions... Which I always get a mixed review anyway and I no longer go to work and ask those people any more either, which was a on going ritualistic custom... Anyway I will record them and post them here temporarily to get opinions... Please be brutal... Thanx


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