Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Will I measure up

When I was singing and playing in a band, I had friends in the audience who made it easy to hold that microphone and stare out there and do my thing, I ran around like a maniac and put on one hell of heavy rock show... I loved the compliments and modestly accepted them... I haven't been on stage since the end of WESTALKE... I've sang in the studio, in front of people at band practice, in the fucking shower... whatever it's not the same... now I am again getting ready to start with a new band.,.. after a long break, I have so many doubts now a days, can I still write? can I still sing? will I get through this without the typical crowd in the audience anymore... I remember one gig... playing at FATTIES ON THE GREEN the bartender made a comment to me "I have friends that would love you to come sing in their band" I promptly said I can't I love my boys... the whole time "my boys" were back dooring me, I should have checked the bartenders friends out... then, but I didn't, oh well... the point is, she didn't have to say that - if it wasn't true, so I hold on to that one of many memorable comments and press through the hard times to get back to the easy and euphoric ones...


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