Tuesday, March 28, 2006

I do owe some people some things

I often read the blog of a musician that I used to work with... Who was a genius I must admit... Those of you that know me know me well enough not to piss me off... LOL... Well he did... Of course I grew up in a place where people don't call police they solve their issues amongst each other (which is the right way to do it) however he is obviously not from where I am... Nevertheless... Its not the point of this entry.. The point is... He is older then me... And has passed the "30" year mark... And commented on the fact that when you are in your late "20"'s you feel old... But once he hit thirty, he feels young again... And that he has a long way to go... I pray to God he is right... I have felt old since twentyfive... Maybe earlier... I know its because of my expectations of myself.. And my disgust for adults my entire life... And often worry about what I haven't done... Not only did his blog entry put a lump in my throat it also made me realize that even though I haven't made it (yet).. (the (yet) is stolen from him) I am also not dead... Thank you brother... Also.. Its been years... And I am sorry for what I said to you... I disrespected his "Polish" heritage, so my real Polish friends... Yeah that's right.. From Poland, can comment and tell him we were good friends, and I obviously have no hate towards Poland or the Polish people (except the obvious... :) ) that would really help... Besides that... I apologize to you once again my friend... And respect you, your family and everything about you... Good luck in your endeavors... And Thank you for everything


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