Monday, June 12, 2006


I am touched and overwhelmed at the emails and response I got from the last post... I couldn't possibly answer all of you... I had know idea of the popularity... Which makes me wonder if you're really reading this because you understand or because you think I am so incredibly fucked up... LOL... Either way... The response I received dictates that the show must go on... Here... With no changes... I guess I just have to tell myself that I don't care what certain people think about me or what I am doing... Especially if I wanna do this writing thing... I told myself when I started this I would be "no holds barred" and I wanted to stick to that, but nothing on the internet is "really" anonymous... With a little bit of finger grease I can find out who owns any website... So can anyone... And I don't make it to tough here... Whets my point you ask? Well there isn't one just a simple question at the end of a windy road; " do you hold back what you say as not to offend anyone (nearly impossible... Especially for me) and become half a robot or a sheep like most of the nomads out there... Or do you truly go no holds barred and become a target?"


Anonymous said...

Great to hear!!

6/13/2006 8:42 AM  

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