Saturday, September 02, 2006

New website on the way 'till then deal with this

All right I worked my ass off on this... Not to make it a great website but to learn... So now you can't ; highlight, copy text, right click, print, or see my code... Give it a shot if you can let me know... I have also removed the links page... It was worthless, also the FAQ page has been removed... Because, well, lets face it, some questions would have to be asked frequently, for them to be frequently asked questions... If you have questions just hit me up on the contact page I try to answer everyone if not personally then with a blog post... Also I am in the process of making a page with all my music on it... Its here--> PRIVATE<---- its password protected... I know that sucks but there is a certain someone out there that believes that he is Godlike and complains when I post them... so DICK... now there is nothing you can do about it... if you want the password to the page just drop me a line on the contact page (which incidentally has been reformatted too) and you can have it... everyone can have it (except DICK) and you are free to download and distribute them as you see fit (don't try to make money off of them :) )... even if you don't have the password check it out anyway... put the password in wrong and see what happens its pretty funny... Like I said in my other post I am addicted to youtube now and wish that I could start posting video logs... however I am in a wee bit of trouble finacially as you could imagine, so I can't afford the 30 dollar webcam at the moment... besides I wouldn't want to get started and then disapear... but I do have a youtube account and a myspace account... they are nothing to speak of but you can find them on the contact page as well. Okay as far as the banner up top and to the right... and "the birth" for that matter I had to change them to flash... it was new for me but very informative and fun... trying to convert them, then embed etc... I couldn't stretch them anymore, in windows media format or flash... so I left them like that... I am gonna keep messing with flash though because the possibilities are endless and I should be able to come up with something real cool... if not the stuff already on the page will do. Not to tute my own horn or anything but you have to understand that I use Which enables me to post my blogs.. They have their template's and that's it.. So your website is very limited, in order to make it look like this and still be able to publish my posts and keep the security takes a lot of manipulation in the code... Trial and error... So I can still have a unique blog... If you look at the blogs posted from you will see what I am talking about... I do everything for free... With the exception of my name... Which I think may be twelve dollars a year or something... If I wanted to do it all on my own without blogger it would cost substantially more with a lot of set up time(not that the set up time would matter, seeing how it took me almost 24 straight hours just to redo everything I've done) anyway... Its 11pm and I am sick of looking at this damn screen... Thanks for reading... See ya soon kids


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