Thursday, September 07, 2006

Paris Hilton DUI & .08 (point o eight)

Alright lets start here... I'm not a Paris Hilton fan, don't care about her one way or the other. Now, this is just another prime example of how M.A.D.D. and the new laws have gone wrong... First off Paris Hilton is a bubble head (and that's being nice) so to walk and chew gum I would say would be an incredible task for her, nevermind drive and put her lipstick on, And lets take into consideration that she is telling the truth about not eating all day (even though in an on air interview with Brian Seacrest she said in one sentence she went out to eat with friends and the next she hadn't had anything to eat all day)... Actually skip that... Lets say she's lying, and I don't blame her (I blame her for going on the air and not having her story straight before she got there... But again she's a bubble head)... .08 is one drink... One beer, not even one martini or Margarita which ever she said she had I don't remember which... And lets say she ate a whole meal (or didn''t... whatever.. I don't know why she is saying she didn't eat it only hurts her case but refer to the bubble head thing again) ... Anyone I mean ANYONE, first time drinker, 3 year old child (that's capable of driving) could drive fine and safe on that alcohol level... Whether she was driving fine and safe I cannot determine,but if she was driving erratically, it wasn't because of alcohol (another statistic for M.A.D.D, to over inflate to make the bleeding hearts make more fucking laws) but what is easily reconizable is A. She was pulled over because she is Paris Hilton B. The Fucking cop wanted a promotion and new he could get it with the "high profile arrest" and C.She was arrested because the asinine group that used to be something good called MADD has got the drinking level so low its just plain stupid and they are ruining lives... Because they are a pro prohibition group now that would rather ruin good people's lives and reputations to promote they're own agenda (prohibition) then give good people the benefit of the doubt... She didn't hurt anyone, never has... At 12:30 am your children shouldn't be out driving around... If they are they are out looking for drugs, so she had no potential of hurting anyone... And I seriously doubt that she was driving "erratically" more like she was driving like a ditzy head heiress.. Like she always drives.. It's just not always 12:30am, so the fucking cop new their was a 90% chance she may have had a drink in the last hour.


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