Friday, September 15, 2006


I don't how many people actually watch this show but this is the first year I've watched... I have to tell you the talent in the show was phenomenal... However the "band" built up of two of my rock "hero's" had their mind made up from the start... So why put the rest of the singers... (which were a lot more talented then stupid ass Lukas Rossi) through that... While they critiqued people, wrong, most of the time, and seemingly attacked one of the best singers and performers on there (Storm) for no apparent reason... They praised one of the worst... From his toneless performance of Bon Jovi's "living on a prayer" to murdering Nirvana's hit... To his no crowd appealing original song, Lukas, who holds his breath and doesn't pronounce anything he is saying so you understand, walked away being the winner... In my fan based opinion this could have been one of the best rock bands to surface this decade... But fell short when the band stuck with their preconceived notions of "Lukas has it to lose"... Don't get me wrong... The final 5 or 6, including Lukas, belonged there... the two chicks originals (everyone that knows me knows I am not a fan of female vocalists in rock, that's a different discussion) were far superior to Lukas's.. And their performances were "rockstar" worthy every time... Not to mention Toby from Australia's, performances got better every time he performed... And his original just shows he knows what rock is supposed to be, and in my opinion should have won... Now I know everyone will have their own opinion... My biggest gripe would be that from seemingly the first few weeks "supernova" had their mind made up... I would have been happy to see any one of the last 5 or 6 win, except the one that did... Because at least they would have earned it.

(I wrote this as a fan not as a performer for those of you that think I can't or shouldn't distinguish between the two, first off... You're wrong... And second off, kiss my arse)


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