Friday, November 10, 2006

bargain sites might as well be a HOAX

I don't know how many people use these sites such as "cheap tickets" or the others, there is a million... First off they all have the same damn prices, I checked them all... At the same time hoping to stumble upon the "ultimate" deal and no such luck, it frankly was a waste of my time... However... Like a dummy, I used one of them anyway... I bought a "so called" round trip... Which on the way out seemed to work out flawlessly... No troubles... Low and behold I went to the airlines website (who I do not blame... Frankly I blame myself)... And only HALF of my return flight was there... Arggg... So I would be stuck somewhere... Okay whats my next step... Easy right?.. Call either the website you booked through, or the airline... I went with the airline, the reason I chose the airline was an easy one... Most "tech" customer service, at least the first tier, is there to get you off the phone, and they usually know less then me about anything, and they inevitably treat you like you are an idiot... Which later they did... But lets get back to me calling the airline.... You will never believe this (yes you will) first, after the twenty minute navigation through the automated crap, which incidentally, is all voice activated, so I can't even press a button to tell it to leave me alone... Guess what I get... A person who speaks with a deep middle eastern accent... Shocker I know (can you sense sarcasm?) he tells me that "something has changed, don't worry, you just need to call cheap tickets and they'll fix it for you right away"... I was sceptical but I knew not to try to get anymore information from this guy, or he would just start telling me how stupid I was, in not so many words... anyway... he was pleasant enough, but I have my doubts he would have continued to be if I started "second guessing" him (what ever happened to the customers right?... I guess that's an American thing)... He gave me the phone number to cheap tickets... Now what happened next is just typical, but ridiculous... First, another automated machine impossible to find the way to find a person.. But I did it... Guess what... Yep... "Please hold" a HALF HOUR later... I get a person... Another person that was obviously not American.. but spoke English well enough I wasn't irritated in the first place... (and I don't mean someone from another English speaking country obviously English is the second or third language of these people... reminds me of a great quote from gone in sixty seconds "I can't swim so you know what I do?... I keep my black ass outta the pool)... I don't speak Russia so I won't provide service to RUSSIANS... Anyway enough about that... I get on the phone with this so called customer service agent... After my wait... She tells me, oh, well, they gave you a straight through flight, no problem... Your new flight number is "1234" and it leaves "an hour AFTER the one we said before" oh okay great... Let me look up the flight number on the airlines website... Um Ma'am that flight goes to N. Carolina... She replies.. Are you sure you are on the right website... Yes Ma'am I'm pretty sure (unless I misspelled the name and ended up at a completely different airlines website).. Well honestly sir it says its a straight through flight, [to where you are going], on my computer (at this point I'm wondering if, she's on the right website)... She goes on to tell me she'll send the new itinerary to my email address... Well genius... I'm not "home"... So that email, I can't check, I'll have to wait for someone to come home there... Oh, well, I can send it to a different email, sir, if that's helpful... Yeah that would be great.. I proceed to tell her my web based email address... Guess what.. No email... At either address... I rechecked the website... Same itinerary that was there before... Grrr... So what would you do?... Call the Airline?... That's what I did... After being hung up on, four times, I finally got a person.. Yep, you guessed it, another deep Middle - Eastern accent... Sir you are reserved for ["the same EXACT thing that was there before"], nothing, changed and he didn't tell me to call cheap tickets again... He tells me, the reason its not showing on the internet is because, you originally had a straight through flight but, now you have a two and a half lay over, just go to the counter tomorrow and you'll be fine.... First of all... If someone had paid for a straight through flight, would they ever tolerate them changing it to a two and a half hour lay over? NO WAY... Second its not true... I booked this in August, nothing changed, except the lay over went from one hour to two... He wouldn't listen... Big shocker... So I guess I am off to the airport tomorrow, at the original time and hope for the best... Next time, I am using a travel agent or calling the airline and booking direct ... Like this is how I wanted to spend my last day here


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