Monday, May 08, 2006

You can't go home again?

You know life's funny... Ten years ago... Shit... Five years ago if some one said "you can't go home again" to me I would have said... "What the fuck does that mean?" or "what are you a moron?"... LOL... Simply because I didn't know what it meant... I know what it means now... And its true.. You can't go home again. I have officially resigned myself to never having as many friends as I used too... (if they were ever really my friends). I truly believe everything happens for a reason... But the thing is about that statement is... Its not always a good reason... I have done things wrong in my life... So has everyone else... But I have to assume that I am being paid back for all the wrong at this point... I have done a lot more good things in my life then bad however and I am still waiting for the payoff on that... I won't be holding my breath but I refuse to believe that the best part of my life has come and gone... How depressing would that be?... High school certainly was not the twilight of MY life... I had friends and when I wasn't there I had fun but... I hated high school... I hated the job I had for ten years right after highschool... So if the best part of my life is over (like so many elders would have me believe) I must have blinked.


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