Tuesday, March 27, 2007

I had plans but got bored with it

I had big plans to write all about my while "I was away experiences" and so on and so forth, but I am so bored with it... I mean if you wanna ask questions its fine... I'll answer and be happy to do it... I am just outta steam as far as writing about it with no prompting... Anyway I was answering questions a friend asked me, and it occurred to me it could serve as a FAQ... So here they are... And if you have more... Feel free to ask I'll answer and maybe post here.

Where is Bergin? Near Uconn... Storrs

How is jail different than prison? Jail is for people with short time and for people unable to make bail... Prison is for sentenced people.

Was it community showers? Not in Prison (Bergin) but yes in jail.. in Bergin two cells shared a bathroom and it was not so bad.. private.

Do they make you go to the bathroom in front of other people? NO... They could have, to drug test me, but they didn't.

Did you eat good? NO

Are jail drugs really better than regular drugs? (How could they be? But) I wouldn't know... to expensive

Were you guys not allowed to write? Yes we're allowed to write but I didn't.

Were you allowed to read? Nothing to read in jail but someone sent me books in prison, I read a lot the first four dark towers, bag of bones, Cell (which is a new masterpiece by the king) to name a few, and I got really into this other author of the "prey" novels who is John Sanford.

Did you have to do some crappy menial job? No but I could have

Did they try to break you? But of course

Is it true that all the inmates know who the rapist/child molesters/wife beaters are and give them a "hard time"? lol I wasn't in prison with those types... Their "level" would be much higher then mine was... I think that it would be a great in justice to put nonviolent criminals such as myself in prison with those unsavory types... Don't you?


Anonymous said...

I was kinda lookin forward to hearing about the "while i was away" stuff, but i'm glad you posted your answers. Thank you for that.

3/27/2007 8:54 PM  

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