Friday, March 30, 2007


First off... what happened to this bitch... One minute the world knew her as shy, timid (hetero) Rosie "the queen of nice"... Now all of a sudden she's gay (like anyone cares) and she is not sweet not nice and sure as shit not shy or timid... This bitch played the humble roll for so many years, announced she's gay, got a butch hair cut and now won't shut the fuck up... Okay first off... FIRE MELTS STEEL... That's how you melt steel duh, what does she think we do?... Ask it nicely to take the shape we want it in?... That has got to be the DUMBEST statement of all time... She pokes fun at the President (and much worse) about his intelligence and then says something like that... SHE'S the idiot... Second off... If you are going to make a statement like that... (You know the one where she says that the fall of tower 7 of the WORLD TRADE CENTER, was part of a government conspiracy masterminded by the Bush administration)... You should really make more statements to follow (to answer apparent questions that would be asked)... Especially the question every American (or anyone else) would ask... "What would the Government get out of blowing it up?" ... A new building? That's the only thing I can see... And I'm not completely sure if she is insinuating that the administration had something to do with the rest of 9/11... But if she is... Somewhat of the same question needs to be asked... "What would the Government have to gain by killing all those people?" If someone out there has the notion that they gained money, well that's preposterous... They've paid out billions upon billions due to the fall of those towers and the deaths of thousands of INNOCENT people... If the answer is he (Bush) or the Government got to start a war over it... Well, no matter what your stance is on the world today and what it is America is involved in... At the very least you know American can and WILL start a war anytime it suits our needs... The Government don't give a fuck (no do I)... So again that statement doesn't hold water... Not to me at least, and not to any reasonable person... BUT I'm getting away from the issue... Bottom line is Rosie O'Donnell needs to shut the fuck up... the bitch isn't smart, she doesn't know everything (as she'd have you believe) you can tell by trying to read her illegible blog written as if she was five... (I shouldn't even have gave it a hit... but I did and I am ashamed)...


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