Tuesday, April 24, 2007

At Least I Can Still Smoke In My Car

I have probably addressed this in the past but the ignorance of some people is just overwhelming to me. The bleeding hearts and selfish people that think that outlawing cigarette smoking in PRIVATE (not public) businesses is fine, that its the way it should be (and lets be honest for a change... BECAUSE YOU DON'T LIKE IT). First of all... this isn't a health crusade even though they disguise it as such... Lots of stuff is disguised as a "health" issue that is not. This is an "I don't like it so you shouldn't do it" crusade and its detrimental to the freedoms you enjoy in this great country of ours. America was built on choice on FREEDOM, and if you just keep passing legislature on things you don't like we are going to be up to our nose in it (as if we aren't already). It simply goes through the motions, state by state and then the no smoking in Bars and restaurants (that are owned by some poor Joe that probably spent is life savings to buy and operate with no idea that the fascist bleeding hearts would be telling him how to run it) passes. Smokers are aware that it stinks... They are aware its a filthy habit... With the exception of some.. They regret they are doing it at least some of the time. That is not the point... so stop using that argument, time and time again I try having this discussion with reasonable people and time and time again I am shocked about how ignorant the argument that comes back to me is... What isn't realized is that its just another notch in the belt of the control freaks when you let something like this happen... Now they are telling you, you can't smoke in a bar or restaurant that you own or allow it. Next they will be telling you what you can or can't do in your home, its a slow process but it happens - time and time again, and those that are not involved in this process are the ignorant SHEEP allowing it. How would you like to be told you can't eat beans in your home when there are guest's because it causes flatulence and that could be disturbing or "unhealthy" to your guest's... Sounds stupid right? It's not so far fetched if you could look past your own needs for once in your life. If someone told you that you couldn't fart in your own home (and you wanted to fart freely) you would simply not invite them in or tell them "everyone's farting in here come in at your own risk... or don't". Same situation applies, I have never heard a decent or realistic argument from anyone on the opposing side the Debate always goes something along these lines.

  • If you don't like it don't come in... (you think that's simple enough since its one basis America strives on... If you don't like it stay away) but you get a childish fools answer that goes :
  • If you want to do it don't come in.
  • You don't own the place.
  • You don't own the place.
  • The owner wants to allow smoking
  • That's because its a financial thing and more people want to smoke.(this one shocks me the most)
  • Well? It IS a business... Go to the place that doesn't allow smoking, because it should be up to the owner and even before the law passes they exist... Of course they are empty... (Does that tell you anything?)
  • Well I see a place and I feel like I'd like to go in but I don't want to because its all filled with cigarette smoke.
  • Too Bad... So let me get this straight... Everyone (or the majority) should stop what they are doing because YOU DON'T LIKE IT?
  • Well its a health issue.
  • NO its a choice issue, I like living here, I like choice. Its only a health issue if you create it by CHOOSING to go in.
  • Do you think cigarette smoke knows how to stay in the Non-smoking section?
  • Don't know... Don't care... Are you worried? Don't come in. Smokers will promise not to smoke in a non-smoking establishment if you promise to not complain in a smoking establishment.

I could go on but I don't have the luxury of having a Nazi sitting here with more stupid rhetoric. I know that being a smoker that I hold no wait with the morons - because their final argument is "you just want to smoke" but even when I didn't smoke, and when I don't smoke, I will feel the same because I see it as a MUCH bigger situation then just smoking, and it worries me quite immensely that others don't.

Did you know Fluoride is a carcinogenic? Did you know its put into your water supply? (unless you have well water) But no one complains because it keeps your teeth nice.


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