Thursday, April 19, 2007

Dear Would Be Suicide - Murders

One sentence really sums up this post but I am sure I will write more then that... Okay "HEY DICKHEADS THAT INTEND ON KILLING LOTS OF PEOPLE AND THEN TAKING YOURSELF OUT... START AT THE END OF THE LIST YOU FUCKED UP MANIACS"...

I think you all get my point... Anyway I know there is nothing I can say or do but I do sympathize with the students and the families of Virginia Tech.. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

I don't understand... If its hard and you can't handle it... And you think your life is so much more difficult then everyone else's FINE... It's not... But fine if you want to feel that way... You can't take it anymore... Everyone hates you... You were dealt a bad hand... Well boo fucking hoo... I'm not saying that the world isn't set up for you to more likely fail then succeed because in my opinion it is... But so fucking what... It isn't any worse for you (or me) then the next guy.... You may think "oh that guy has all the money in the world he has no problems"... Well guess what you psychotic fucking stupid ass maniac motherfucker... YOU'RE WRONG... That person has there own trials and tribulations they struggle with, with themselves everyday... You may not think they are as bad as yours... But who the FUCK are you to judge that? It sickens me... That train of thought is futile, ignorant, hypocritical, arrogant, and single tracked all rolled up in to one... Money doesn't cure pain, it doesn't cure cancer (or hasn't... probably could but that's a different rant).... Lets look at Michael J Fox... and Parkinson's... He has all the money he needs... And a disease that will probably eventually take his life... Elvis... Jim Morrison... Marylin Monroe... All the money and luxuries in life and it wasn't enough... (I am not going to argue the conspiracy theories with you right now I am just making a point) The list goes on and on of people that had it all and it wasn't enough... And I am sure there are, not so well known, but just as well off, people I don't know about, with all the money in the world, and fighting their own demons... Am I asking you to feel bad for these people?... No... Feel how you want.. I am just saying these people couldn't take it anymore they didn't bother to take thirty innocent fucking people out before they took themselves out... they took themselves out... That's between them and their God or whatever... So in closing you sick FUCKS that want to walk into someplace and just start taking out innocent (YES INNOCENT YOU LITTLE BITCHES) people for your own personal reasons because they didn't befriend you or you are just to fucking ugly, stupid, or mean too befriend, do the world a favor and START AT THE END OF THE LIST.


Anonymous said...

Sweet post! Let it out - it's good to have you back.

4/19/2007 6:54 PM  

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