Friday, May 18, 2007

Paris Hilton Again?

A friend and reader of this blog recently asked me to write something about the whole Paris Hilton thing that is going on... They said "if anyone can do it you can" quite flattering yet I suppose anyone can write about it... You can find the friends blog here MOOD MOLE .
The problem with taking the request into consideration and setting my writing into action is this... I assume that they would want me to slam Mrs. Hilton and say that she should take responsibility for her actions and stop trying to blame it on her publicist.... Well first I am late... and she has... second SCREW THAT... This is pure human survival instinct... When faced with jail - say and do anything to try to avoid it... The people that want to put you there will... They'll lie, fabricate, over exaggerate, and anything else, to destroy you, and further their career and/or agenda. Paris did do something wrong (I'm not going to address the DUI again you can read about that HERE) She drove with a suspended license... Not too bright since she's in the spotlight (bright - spotlight ... he he) all the time... Did she know her license was suspended?... Of course she knew... She ignored it because being spoiled little rich girl she has always done whatever she wanted with no consequences... Well this time there is consequences and jail is going to suck (trust me I know). Should she go... Was her crime so bad that she belongs in jail? well the problem here is that the answer is no and yes... First no one deserves to go to jail just for driving with a suspended license unless of course another crime goes with it such as driving without a license and say... Manslaughter, or even a lesser charge like reckless driving or excessive speed you could argue the point that maybe they deserve to go to jail... But just driving with a suspended license to me sending you to jail is a little excessive... This is another doing of the corrupt MADD crusades... While driving under a suspended license that has been suspended for a driving under the influence charge... Everyone goes to jail... That's the way it is... If you want to rally against it I commend you, but for now that's the way it is. SO Paris Hilton is not being treated any different then anyone else... She should go to jail... I am actually surprised she is... I'm surprised money didn't buy her way out of it... At least not yet... And remember, this whole thing could last years she could end up going to jail for this years later (I went FOUR years, after the fact with no other trouble or charges... right to a speedy trial?) Anyway... so yes Paris Hilton should go to jail if we are grading on the scale that everyone is equal but OJ bought is way out of a murder rap which is what I would have expected to happen with Paris...


Anonymous said...

I was so waiting for you to post on this. I never thought she'd do even a minute of time...i guess we'll see. Thanks for the post -- I knew you would do it justice.

5/18/2007 9:13 PM  

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