Saturday, May 12, 2007

Return of the old template but cooler

The new template was short lived I prefer this one... It isn't exactly the same I made some cool changes and I am pretty happy about the search engine. I have also been looking for a way to post comments from my page instead of the pop up... I did find a way had it all set up... just to find out that it doesn't work anymore.... now that Blogger has switched its format... they prevent that type of posting... I am however a bit confused everyone is talking about the new blogger and all this new code... I haven't seen it... nothing has changed for me here... there are no new features or anything that I see... I have switched to logging in using my Google account and that's about the extent of it... obviously I do not use bloggers HTML templates so that I have to assume is part of the reason i haven't seen any new code but I don't know I don't see any new features what so ever... not that I need any... All I really want is expandable comments for my main page which I will find some hack eventually... The problem is that everyone that is doing the hacks are changing to the new code and I am not rewriting this again no way... Unless I screwed something up because my Main page hasn't archived in quite sometime... lol... just have to wait and see on that one... Anyway this is the last of the boring computer posts... I'll be ranting again soon I am sure...


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