Tuesday, May 08, 2007

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All right I am almost finished with my new format... of course I have had some problems... and the fact that the way the website looks is a slave to the way the viewer has their screen resolution is disturbing... I hate sites that have the title of this blog on their site.. it seems so cheesy... I am looking for a javascript that will detect the viewers screen size and adjust the page accordingly... the closest thing I have found is a java script that detects the screen resolution and forwards you to a separate page that I would have to optimize for their screen... but that just won't work with this whole blogging thing... I have found this http://www.themaninblue.com/writing/perspective/2006/01/19/ but have yet to understand it... If anyone else can and help me out that'd be cool. Also a few other things... my first attempt at the flash movie of the guy writing came out visual perfect but the background was backwards and it was too fast.... Now the background is the right way but you can see the square on the guys hand... Now looking back I should have done it in yellow and made it a post it note... maybe I'll redo it some other time... I'll be making changes I am sure periodically... Anyway I hope you like it... let me know...


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