Friday, May 11, 2007

"This site best viewed" update

  • "the website a slave to the viewers resolution"
  • FIXED (sort of) transparent gifs and flash backgrounds fixed this, it still changes due to resolution but looks fine at 1024x768 and above... and doable at 800x600.
  • "can see the square on the guys hand"
  • FIXED transparent gif... DUH

Everything I wanted to do is pretty much done... Looking at it now I know my other one was more classy... But this one is fun... I don't know I will keep this one a while but may change back eventually... I spent about 2 days trying to figure out how to make a search engine just for my site without the regular amenities.. eg. .cgi bin etc.... The answer was obviously in JAVA but I had a hell of time getting it to work... Finally it is done.... And for all of you that know... The answer is in the index... That's the toughest part... The script is relatively simple but the index takes some time... After a few days of searching... There is help out there that makes it painless... When you finally find it.


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