Saturday, July 14, 2007

Persuasive Essays

Well... by noticing the amount of comments I got on my last post (none) I can see the Internet community is really into long reading (I knew you weren't)... well that was a rough draft for a school paper... Now... I did get a good grade on it... but it was also hacked to bits (in a (somewhat) good way) by the professor I have recently done about nine million (or so) revisions to it and I am at the point where I am calling it finished... The class is at its end and I believe I learned a lot about persuasive writing... all though some people would say all of my writing was persuasive writing and I would have too... prior to taking this class... I can now see that most of my blog posts where I think I am being persuasive are really just opinionated posts... I think they are a close relative but they are definitely not the same... I ramble at times because I am writing while I am thinking the words and believe it to be as close to speech as one can come while writing... anyway I am not going to completely change my writing style but from time to time you will see the persuasive essay type writing posts come up... I am also going to post my final draft of the paper here (under a new title... which I though was great because it WAS confusing but others disagreed) whether you people read it or NOT :)


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