Tuesday, October 16, 2007

I'm getting older too

Yesterday was yet another birthday... Oh boy am I sick of these... I suppose I would be a little less sick of them if I had accomlished anything I thought I would have by now... Does the little boy that had so many dreams still exist?... probably... and that is probably the problem. While the grown up inside is doing the "right" thing and trying to improve his adult life... the child still lurks inside... The child wants it all... he wants the money... he wants the fame... and he wants to be special... unfortunatley so few people are really truly special, and so few people are truly famous... I have resigned myself to the sheep life and have decided it is the best course of action... and I do try to involve myself entirley into that choice... but the child still lurks.. the child still wants and the child is still needy... It's funny that we are supposed to constantly tell our children that they are special and give them that false sense that all their dream will come true as long "as you work hard and never give up you can be anything you want to be"... its not true and it is, in my opinion, damaging tothe psyche of the children, I believe that children need the truth as does anyone... maybe not the cruel hard truth... but selling the youth delusions of grandure only promotes disappointment and depresession... Life is tough... you have to work... Most people won't no your name... and all of you can't be stars... sorry


Anonymous said...

oh man this depressed the shit out of me...it's very very true though. We all grow up thinking we have a chance...but we don't. Not really. Not unless you're a fucking silver-spooned little assholian brat...then you'll probably be ok. People like you and me prolly won't be famous until after we're dead. Now *that* sucks.

10/16/2007 10:50 PM  
Anonymous said...

i'm such an asshole i forgot your birthday...turns out i'm not such a decent friend...or acquaintaince...i still would've taken you out for a few drinks and whatnot...happy belated...

10/16/2007 10:53 PM  

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