Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Heath Ledger - and the American Press

Another typical lead you by the nose bullshit tactic to get ratings by the press. At this point everyone is calling Heath Ledger's (R.I.P) death a suicide or overdose, because they found pills in the room he was in. The initial reports said they were spread around the room. This is all false. . . they have no idea why he is dead, the pills were not spread about the room, there was a bottle of fucking sleeping pills in the room, there are bottles of sleeping pills in 80% of the American populations bedrooms - yet this is what they hop on... Now everyone thinks that he either commited suicide or died of an overdose because of this - they did not say if they were perscription or over the counter, but if they are over the counter than it's going to take on awful lot of fucking pills to kill yourself and no one gets "HiGH" off of benadryl... at least not with the money Heath Ledger has. . . This disgusts me the complete lack of morals that the media possesses to get ratings - the complete disregard for his family and friends and legacy - why don't we just give the facts and wait for the truth instead of speculating? - that's retoracal the answer is that doesn't sell - what sell's is bullshit speculation about someone in the public eye - the worst part about it is the press will forget all about him in a few days and what is left is there aftermath on the legacy of a poor kid that passed before his time - personally I don't care how he died - I don't see that as the issue - I just see that he's is gone and that sucks . . . rest in piece Mr. Ledger - you will be missed


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i was really looking forward to hearing your take on this fucking was all a damn shame...this fucking american press is the reason the whole world either hates us or thinks we are a joke. This is ridiculous. i'm with you 100%, R.I.P. Heath Ledger, you were very loved.

1/28/2008 7:10 PM  

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