Thursday, November 19, 2009

Let's talk....

Strange how priorities change in life and at one time how something that seemed so important to you became secondary and all of a sudden a nuisance. This is true in my life, and I imagine in yours as well, throughout it. Childhood priorities, turn into adolescent priorities that turn in to pre-teen priorities etc. etc. When does it end? Do you ever become content even in your wants? In this life it is hard to set goals and indeed reach them, when every time you come close to attaining them, you realize your goals changed a while back...

I don’t know if it is still called growing up, since I am essentially getting old at this point in my life. It sure feels the same as growing up; things just continually become less cool, and eventually you just end up sitting on the couch doing nothing. Is it laziness? Have they won? Has every bit of rebellion been torn from me by the powers that be in this great conspiracy of control that we all sometimes know exists in the back of our mind yet ignore so we can keep limping through this life with our blinders on? … or am I just getting old?


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